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 DOVES, INC.  Domestic Violence Emergency Services & Sexual Assault Crisis Center

                                               OUR MISSION

Doves, Inc. believes that all people have the right to live without violence or the fear of violence.  To preserve that right, our mission is to provide immediate safety and shelter for individuals whose lives have been affected by domestic violence and sexual assault; to empower victims to become survivors, regaining control of their lives and realizing their individual potential which violence has threatened to destroy.

Domestic Violence ~ A pattern of behavior that results in physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse and maintains power or control over a partner within an intimate or family relationship.

        Facts ~Domestic Violence crosses all boundaries of race, socioeconomic levels,

                   religion, sexual orientation, age and culture.

                  ~95% of the victims are women

                  ~Every 18 minutes a person in Virginia asks for help from a Domestic Shelter

                   ~Every 4 days in Virginia Domestic Violence Kills


Sexual Assault ~ Power as the motive, sex as the weapon and aggression as the method.

         Facts ~1 out of 3 women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime

                  ~1 out of 4 girls is sexually assaulted by the age of 18

                  ~1 out of 7 boys is sexually assaulted by age 18

                  ~Half of all sexual assaults occurs within the family.